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We’ve contacted some great companies about O Réjane sponsorship. If your company is interested in sponsoring a piece of Francophile history, please request our  corporate sponsorship package.

Library programs made the LA Times

Glad the fabulous Central Library programming is getting some love in the LA Times. Extra glad to have Réjane be a part of it in Great Actresses of the Past.



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Great Actresses of the Past will be Present in August

Great Actresses of the Past, the only film of Réjane – with Sarah Bernhardt, Eleanora Duse and Minnie Maddern Fiske – is coming to Los Angeles. On loan from MoMA Film Library, this is a rare opportunity to see Genius in action.

To quote Arthur Symons, legendary English drama critic, “Only three actresses in our generation possessed that supreme quality, Genius: Eleanora Duse, Sarah Bernhardt and Réjane.”

After the film, I’ll be giving a talk on Réjane. Great Actresses of the Past was the basis for the the paper I co-wrote with O Réjane Dramaturg Tonia N. Sutherland, “Madame Sans Genre: A Collaboration in the Process of Theatre and Documentation,” which we presented at the Theatre Library Association (Annual Conference Plenary Session, 2010).

Come see Great Actresses of the Past at the Central Library downtown on August 21st at 6p. For more on the event, check out: http://www.lapl.org/whats-on/events/film-screening-great-actresses-past-16mm

To the Bootleg!


We could not be more proud to announce that “O Réjane” will open at Bootleg Theater in LA on November 14, 2014.

We have a spectacular cast lined up (official announcement coming soon) and our top-notch artistic team is still on board. 

At the helm: Playwright and Ship Captain Ilana Turner; Director Christopher Sivertsen (whose company Awake Projects was recently certified by the UN); Musical Collaborator Adrien Reju (who is in talks with a well-regarded French musician about working on “O Réjane” – official announcement soon); and Dramaturg Tonia N. Sutherland. 

We are in the midst of pre-production, including grant-proposals, corporate sponsorship talks, and fundraising efforts.

Stay tuned!

the Trailer est arrivé!

Thanks again to NoodleHaus for a job well and generously done.

What’s in a name?

A lot. And the name of this play is now O Réjane. Much as I liked the title To Live, Darling, the new title is easier. Pulling Réjane out of historical obscurity is task number 1 and getting her name out there is the first means to that end.

The trailer, generously produced by NoodleHaus is under construction. It will feature music from Adrien Reju (Réjane’s great-great granddaughter), just like O Réjane will. I’m so excited! I just can’t hide it!

And thanks to all of you who contributed to our fundraising campaign. All of our expenses have been covered. Phew!

Showing and tell

Last night we were finally able to show the public some scenes from To Live, Darling. Director Christopher Sivertsen and I were able talk a bit about our work thus far. When I introduced the cast I named each actor, except Cara Pifko, who I introduced as “Réjane herself.” A slip of the tongue but a telling one; she is really spectacular in this role.

Designer Alex Berry also presented her sketches of the finished set (above). This past week she built two of the rotating set pieces pictured here, so we were able to test drive them during the presentation (we had one ready for last week’s trailer shoot). These pieces are fantastic and easily moveable. I am thrilled that we can quickly and clearly show the audience Réjane’s on- and off-stage worlds. Until Alex’s design breakthrough I was hoping for a revolving stage…

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see the presentation at Bootleg Theater, also my favorite performance space in LA. And a huge thank you to Bootleg – especially Jessica Hanna, to the cast, to Christopher, to Alex and to Andy Hill who pinch-hit as a light board op with no notice – and rocked it.


Bang Bang, Shoot Shoot (a trailer)

Rejane Sept. 2013 029

Designer Alex Berry and Cara Pifko (Réjane)

Rejane Sept. 2013 046

Our set on set

Rejane Sept. 2013 052

Designer Alex Berry and Director Christopher Sivertsen

Rejane Sept. 2013 124

Playwright and Actress Ilana Turner (Blanche)

Rejane Sept. 2013 150

Take one

Rejane Sept. 2013 151

Cara Pifko (Réjane) in action

Rejane Sept. 2013 085

Cecilia de Rico (Mother)

Rejane Sept. 2013 109

Director Christopher Sivertsen

Rejane Sept. 2013 207

Cara Pifko (Réjane), Patrick Wenk-Wolff (the Lover) and Ilana Turner (Blanche)

Rejane Sept. 2013 222

Cara Pifko (Réjane)

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.54.59 AM

Cara Pifko (Réjane), Patrick Wenk-Wolff (the Lover) and Ilana Turner standing in for the Sage of Paris

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.42.39 AM

Director Christopher Sivertsen, Joseph Will (Porel) and Cara Pifko (Réjane)

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.43.09 AM

Ilana Turner (Blanche), Joseph Will (Porel) and Patrick Wenk-Wolff (the Lover)

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 9.57.24 AM

Cara Pifko (Réjane) and Joseph Will (Porel)

Screen Shot 2013-09-12 at 10.05.56 AM

Cara Pifko (Réjane) and Joseph Will (Porel)


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