We built this set on rock ‘n roll!

Over the weekend, set & costume designer Alex Berry and Director Christopher Sivertsen built the remaining 3 (of 5) rotating flats for the O Réjane set. Now to transport the original two to the theatre when our shared car is a Mini Cooper…


Set & costume designer Alex Berry at work.

Réjane and the Lover

The “backstage” side of Réjane’s flat.

First rehearsal!

At 10a today the cast and stage manager gathered at Bootleg Theater for the first rehearsal of O Réjane – a table read and ‘ask the writer’ session. As you can see from this gem – snapped by Réjane herself, Cara Pifko – the day’s work proved too much for Ilana Turner. Physical theater, indeed.

Tomorrow: first rehearsal with newly arrived director Christopher Sivertsen and designers Alex Berry and Brandon Baruch, followed by production meeting.


Playwright and ‘Blanche’ Ilana Turner.


Table (well) read.

Off the Rack


These beautiful garments are en route with designer Alex Berry from the UK. Director Christopher Sivertsen also arrives tonight. This weekend we build the rest of the set for O Réjane. And today is our first read through with the whole cast at Bootleg Theater. Game is officially ON.

Imagine your NAME IN “LIGHTS”

Imagine your NAME IN “LIGHTS”

You (and your friends) can reap the rewards of being a showbiz Producer – for one night, with no production-induced headaches! Enjoy:

  • Producer credit for one performance, touted as “YOUR NAME(S) present this performance of” on:
    • show program (or program insert, as dictated by printing deadlines and/or available space)
    • lobby signage
    • verbal introduction to audience as that show’s sponsor
    • on the O Réjane site, Facebook and twitter pages
    • on the Bootleg site, Facebook and twitter pages
  • 10 VIP tickets to your performance (or other performances, if needed) to entertain your guests
  • A champagne toast for you, your guests and cast and crew members post-show (because pre-show would be a bad idea for the cast)
  • A VIP backstage tour
  • A copy of your program autographed by the cast
  • Additional program listing with other donors as ‘Officier | $2,500 – $4,999’ or ‘Grand Croix | $5,000+,’ depending on your total donation(s)
  • A limited-edition souvenir poster autographed by the cast
  • Eternal gratitude from the entire O Réjane and Bootleg teams

You and your friends can pool your resources to sponsor one evening – or choose to honor someone with your sponsorship, and put their name(s) in “lights.” Produce a night of O Réjane for a tax-deductible contribution of $2,500 – the amount it takes to cover all the costs one night of history-making theater incurs. Should you wish to support O Réjane on a different level, we welcome you to. The perks listed above are customizable, and can easily be tailored to meet your needs. Donations on behalf of O Réjane can be made through this secure page on the Bootleg Theater site. Please email development@rejaneproject.com with any questions or requests.

“O Réjane” Tickets on Sale!

And you can buy them here!

$20 General Admission
$15 Student/Senior

We are proud to announce “Tickets du Jour.” You can buy tickets and donate them to our pre-show raffle. 15 minutes before curtain, we’ll raffle the donated tickets off to people in need. Raffles will precede all shows except for opening and closing nights!

…One month ’til we open!


Official “O Réjane” Poster!


Official O Réjane poster from world-premiere run at Bootleg Theater, Nov 14 – Dec 6 2014.
Merci beaucoup to Logan Bradley (http://loganbradley.com/) the fabulous artist who created it.



Check O Réjane out on…

We’re thrilled that O Réjane is infiltrating the intrawebs!

The France Magazine FB page

The Art of Monteque

Los Angeles Female Playwrights Initiative (LAFPI)

Playwright Ilana Turner is doing two interviews coming this week. We’ll post them when they are available.

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Help make “O Réjane” a smashing success

– We received our first funding from an anonymous foundation and are awaiting replies about 3 grants. However, we are very much in need of more funding to cover various operating costs, and we are asking for individual donations. Please help us meet our fundraising goal by supporting O Réjane with a tax-deductible donation. We are half-way there!

– Use your miles to fly Musical Collaborator Adrien Reju from NY to LA for rehearsals. You can email to make arrangements.

– In addition to funding, please spread the word to as many people as you can about the show and share the link www.orejane.com. The more people talking about it, making donations and buying tickets (on sale Oct. 14th) to O Réjane, the better!

– Through our PR and marketing efforts with France Magazine, the Cultural Services of the French Embassy and French Morning, we are set to expose O Réjane to the LA monde Francophone (about 80,000 people). French Morning has also just signed on as a sponsor. We are also working with and through mainstream media. Your company can still sign on as a sponsor and enjoy this fabulous exposure as well. Sponsorship plans are custom-tailored to meet the needs of your business. Request the corporate sponsorship packet by email.

Thank you for your support. We’ll see you at Bootleg Theater this fall!

Rejane Sept. 2013 124

Welcome Official Sponsor French Morning

We are thrilled to announce that French Morning has come on board as an official sponsor of O Réjane! Check them out at www.frenchmorning.com. Look for some fantastic media coverage coming soon in French Morning and other exciting outlets.

If your business would like to sponsor O Réjane, please request a sponsorship proposal by email. To make an individual donation click here.

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