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O Réjane in France Magazine

Merci beaucoup to Tracy Kendrick at France Magazine for this lovely writeup in their current issue. (I’d love this manicure, too…)

France Mag clipping

Life equals art.


O Réjane is about a mom working in theater.

New O Réjane trailer…

…shot during hang & focus this past weekend. Our set really is this much fun.



Hats off to the crew.

A banner moment

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…and Happy Halloween.

Top Pix


Cara Pifko (Réjane) all trussed up.



Screen on Scene.


Hats off.


Bootleg wall of wonder!




Turns out I’ll be playing ‘cello in O Réjane!


At rehearsal yesterday.

This is what happened last time I performed on ‘cello… And what Cara Pifko (Réjane) and I (Blanche) looked like 7 months pregnant.

Shout out to Schkapf




Many thanks to LA theater and performing arts incubator Schkapf, who are hosting our rehearsal today. Schkapf was the first place to support the creation of O Réjane. Their contribution to the LA arts scene is invaluable. Also, Olya & Bryan, who are at the helm there, could not be lovelier.

schkapf logo COMPLETE

From Page to Stage

As we head into our second full week of O Réjane rehearsals, we’ll welcome musical collaborator Adrien Reju to LA on Tuesday. We’ll then further integrate the brilliant music she and Sébastien Miel have created. O Réjane will now feature their recordings and our ensemble playing and singing live. Looks like we’ll be working in a ‘cello, sax, guitar, flute and maybe keyboard. The show is now poised to be an intellectual, emotional, visual and auditory feast.

Here’s a quick photo recap of last Friday:


Designer Alex Berry.


Ilana Turner (re)writing.

FullSizeRender (1)

Set keeps a rolling all night long.


Joseph Will (Porel) and Cara Pifko (Réjane).