Great Actresses of the Past will be Present in August

Great Actresses of the Past, the only film of Réjane – with Sarah Bernhardt, Eleanora Duse and Minnie Maddern Fiske – is coming to Los Angeles. On loan from MoMA Film Library, this is a rare opportunity to see Genius in action.

To quote Arthur Symons, legendary English drama critic, “Only three actresses in our generation possessed that supreme quality, Genius: Eleanora Duse, Sarah Bernhardt and Réjane.”

After the film, I’ll be giving a talk on Réjane. Great Actresses of the Past was the basis for the the paper I co-wrote with O Réjane Dramaturg Tonia N. Sutherland, “Madame Sans Genre: A Collaboration in the Process of Theatre and Documentation,” which we presented at the Theatre Library Association (Annual Conference Plenary Session, 2010).

Come see Great Actresses of the Past at the Central Library downtown on August 21st at 6p. For more on the event, check out: