Imagine your NAME IN “LIGHTS”

You (and your friends) can reap the rewards of being a showbiz Producer – for one night, with no production-induced headaches! Enjoy:

  • Producer credit for one performance, touted as “YOUR NAME(S) present this performance of” on:
    • show program (or program insert, as dictated by printing deadlines and/or available space)
    • lobby signage
    • verbal introduction to audience as that show’s sponsor
    • on the O Réjane site, Facebook and twitter pages
    • on the Bootleg site, Facebook and twitter pages
  • 10 VIP tickets to your performance (or other performances, if needed) to entertain your guests
  • A champagne toast for you, your guests and cast and crew members post-show (because pre-show would be a bad idea for the cast)
  • A VIP backstage tour
  • A copy of your program autographed by the cast
  • Additional program listing with other donors as ‘Officier | $2,500 – $4,999’ or ‘Grand Croix | $5,000+,’ depending on your total donation(s)
  • A limited-edition souvenir poster autographed by the cast
  • Eternal gratitude from the entire O Réjane and Bootleg teams

You and your friends can pool your resources to sponsor one evening – or choose to honor someone with your sponsorship, and put their name(s) in “lights.” Produce a night of O Réjane for a tax-deductible contribution of $2,500 – the amount it takes to cover all the costs one night of history-making theater incurs. Should you wish to support O Réjane on a different level, we welcome you to. The perks listed above are customizable, and can easily be tailored to meet your needs. Donations on behalf of O Réjane can be made through this secure page on the Bootleg Theater site. Please email with any questions or requests.