Life Equals Art


The idea that for Réjane, life really did equal art, had me hooked. At light speed, I culled the larger-than-life pile of plays Réjane performed for scenes that mirrored what happened in her life. I began to weave these found scenes with some of my original text. A whole new play began to emerge, now with multiple actors, their implied salaries, and some real action to watch.

Back in Bennington with the Finckels, Adrien and I read aloud a very early version of what would become The Réjane Project for family and friendsA staggering amount of work remained, but the combination of new and extant text worked as my one-person version never had.

The show is about the inherent conflict of having a career and a family, in an epoque when women didn’t really “juggle” such things. No wonder the subject was captivating: I had a husband, a career and I would soon have a baby of my own.