R & D


Upon my return from France (then Italy, where my parents were villa-ing), I got pregnant. Thinking (as every pregnant woman does) about physical theatre, it hit me like that bolt of lightning propelled Marty McFly back to the future: Christopher should come to Los Angeles to direct a workshop of the text I’d written so far. 

Thankfully Christopher had a small opening in his schedule, and being a Norwegian based in Sweden, wanted to see some palm trees. With fiscal sponsorship from Fractured Atlas, I successfully raised funds to support a week of research and development (R&D) in Los Angeles. Thanks to the generosity of resident company ARTEL, we had space to work at Art/Works in Hollywood.

Together, Christopher, Adrien and I worked with a small company of actors for a week to breathe life into The Réjane Project script, now a piece for seven actors playing multiple roles. I recruited actors Cecila de Rico, Garth Whitten, Tina Van Berckelaer, Max Faugno, Jeff Atik and Beatrice Rose Casini. After the week, we showed an audience of 50 hand-picked fans selected scenes, tied together with music and movement. The actors and the audience liked the material a lot. More importantly, they had useful feedback.

Christopher graciously agreed to join The Réjane Project as Director.

We decided the story needed a Part II (because ‘Act II’ sounded “too ‘80s.”) As the play continued to grow, so did my belly.