Showing and tell

Last night we were finally able to show the public some scenes from To Live, Darling. Director Christopher Sivertsen and I were able talk a bit about our work thus far. When I introduced the cast I named each actor, except Cara Pifko, who I introduced as “Réjane herself.” A slip of the tongue but a telling one; she is really spectacular in this role.

Designer Alex Berry also presented her sketches of the finished set (above). This past week she built two of the rotating set pieces pictured here, so we were able to test drive them during the presentation (we had one ready for last week’s trailer shoot). These pieces are fantastic and easily moveable. I am thrilled that we can quickly and clearly show the audience Réjane’s on- and off-stage worlds. Until Alex’s design breakthrough I was hoping for a revolving stage…

Thank you so much to everyone who came out to see the presentation at Bootleg Theater, also my favorite performance space in LA. And a huge thank you to Bootleg – especially Jessica Hanna, to the cast, to Christopher, to Alex and to Andy Hill who pinch-hit as a light board op with no notice – and rocked it.